Translate Shopkit

Shopkit is multi-lingual by default. It comes with English, French, German, and Spanish translations. These translations are only shown on the public-facing website. Panel blueprints are currently only in English.

All the language variables are located in site/plugins/shopkit/languages. You can override these translations by creating a folder called site/languages, and adding your own custom language variables. Shopkit will look for translations in site/languages before it falls back to the ones provided in site/plugins/shopkit/languages.

For example, if you want to change the “Log in” link to say “Sign in” instead, create site/languages/en.php and add the following line:

<?php l::set('login', 'Sign in'); ?>

To add a new language, you’ll need to register it at the end of site/config/config.php and include the appropriate language file in site/languages.

Changing the default language

Shopkit’s default language is English. To change this:

  1. Open site/config/config.php and look for the Languages section
  2. Move 'default' => true from the English block to the language of your choice
  3. Update the English block to use 'url' => '/en', and your chosen default language to use 'url' => '/'
  4. In the content folder, change all text files ending with .en.txt to your new default language.
  5. Note: Blueprints in the Panel are currently English-only, no matter what default language is defined in config.php.